Acquire the knowledge of nursery 2 by downloading and by using worksheets in the following subjects: Reading, storytelling, writing, french, mathematics, science and technology, sensory and perceptive education, agriculture, character education, safety education music and dance etc. The study of videos associated to each lesson will permit to visualize the notions studied.


The learner will acquire the knowledge in pre-letter formation and numbers

Learning Content: Reproduce models. Sketch models. Hold writing materials correctly. Follow the right order of writing. Love writing

Learning Content: Write words. Hold writing materials correctly. Foolow the right order of writing. Use the appropriate hand to write. Share with peers who lack

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Learning Content: Show love for writing, aesthetics and neatness

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The learner will develop the kwoledge the subjects such as picture reading, letter sounds

Learning Content: Name objects. Construct photo/image galleries/albums. Share information. Follow instructions

Learning Content: Recognise letter-sounds. Spell simple words. Pronounce words correctly

Learning Content: Name objects.Ask questions. Follow instructions


The learner will have the competence in gardening, cultivation, source of manure

Learning Content: Identify plants. Show love for beautiful environment with flowers and plants. Describe the uses of soil. Take care of the environment

Learning Content: Identify sources of manure. Detect waste. Throw waste responsibly

Learning Content: Describe the planting and harvesting processes. Plant seeds and seedlings

Learning Content: Identify various agricultural activities


The learner will count, write number, classing elements…

Learning Content: Count numbers from 1-20. Identify quantity. Run errands at home/school. Carry out projects with peers

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contenu d’apprentissage : zone d’influence et date d’expansion

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Learning Content: Identify colours. Express similarity. Use numbers. Arrange personal belongings. Share with others

Learning Content: Use the mathematical operations ( addition and subtraction). Work differences and the opinions of others. Work with peers and others

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Learning Content: Comply to time. Show interest in school and other activities. Show interest in being punctual.

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The learner will have the capacity to narrate short stories and develop the knowledge in rhymes and poems

Learning Content: Distinguish between evil and good. Defend oneself from danger. Practice moral values. Value books in the right position. Follow the appropriate reading direction

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Learning Content: Build self-esteem through socialisation and language

Learning Content: Bond with mates and teachers. Integrate into groups

Learning Content: Build fine/small and gross motor skills

Learning Content: Distinguish between evil and good. Defend oneself from danger. Practice moral values. Lull peers and siblings to sleep

Learning Content: Recite poems. Build fine/small and gross motor skills. Recognise fruits, animals


L’apprenant sera apte a faire des poésies et comptines, reciter les jours de la semaine, et compter

Contenu d’apprentissage: Réciter un poème/comptine.

Contenu d’apprentissage: Chanter une chanson

Contenu d’apprentissage: Dire bonjour/bonsoir aux amis, enseignants et camarades. Se socialiser avec ses camarades et enseignants.

Contenu d’apprentissage: Se présenter

Contenu d’apprentissage: Compter les nombres. Partager avec les amis 

Contenu d’apprentissage: Citer les jours de la semaine.

Contenu d’apprentissage: Citer les mois de l’année

Contenu d’apprentissage: Chanter l’hymne national


Thanks to this note, the learner will apprehend the good behaviour, simple etiquettes

Learning Content: Show love and concern. Listen to others and show concern

Learning Content: Conform to social norms


The learner will be able to recite the national emblems and officials

Learning Content: Discuss with peers and others. Locate oneself

Learning Content: Respect property. Show love for the country

Learning Content: Respect others and authority. Display love for oneself and others. Demonstrate appropriate behaviour. Assist/help peers and others

Learning Content: Relate appropriately in the community. Use family and community properties appropriately


 The learner will have the knowledge in computer system, ICT devices, basic concepts of algorithm

Learning Content : Identify a computer system. Recognise that different components are needed to have a computer system.

Learning Content : Identify common ICT devices. Recognise that these devices transmit information.

Learning Content : Simulate the use of the keypad of a communication device. Recognise that these devices are used to make distance communication.

Learning Content : Describe the use of a remote control device. Recognise remote control devices at a distance

Learning Content : Play with the keyboard and the mouse of a computer. Recognise that keyboards and mice are used to enter information in computers

Learning Content : Identify the power buttons of common ICT devices. Recognise that all ICT devices have power buttons to enable them function

Learning Content : Recognise the importance of appropriate communication. Identify sources of information. Explain the importance of sources of information

Learning Content : Identify basic safety measures to be observed while using a computer and other ICT devices. Respect safety measures. Name hygienic conditions to be respected while using a computer and other ICT devices.

Learning Content : Identify common objects around their environment. Recognise that computers can sort out objects

Learning Content : Identify steps required to carry out a task as an algorithm. Recognise that computers go through a step by step process to resolve a problem

Learning Content : Identify that computers require instructions to execute a programme. Recognise that a program is a series of instructions to execute a task.


The learner will have the competence in home safety, road safety,school safety

Learning Content: Protect themselves from danger

Learning Content: Walk on the right lane of the road. Ask for adult help to cross the road

Learning Content: Play with caution. Report any incident to the teacher


The learner will know health habits and body posture

Learning Content: Follow hygiene and sanitation rules. Choose to eat only when necessary. Practice avoiding sugary and salty food. Choose the right liquid to drink. Comply to sleeping time. Brush teeth correctly and regularly. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes

Learning Content: Stay in good health. Comply with healthy habits

Learning Content: Sit and stand erect. Sleep calmly in the right position


The learner will have the practical competence in musical instruments, traditional music and dance

Learning Content: Identify traditional and modern musical instruments

Learning Content: Display at least one Cameroonian dance step. Show love for culture

Learning Content: Identify rhythm. Build self confidence.

Learning Content: Free self expression via body movements

Learning Content: Identify non Cameroonian music. Live harmoniously with non-natives


The learner will distinguish colours

Learning Content: Identify the three primary colours. Relate to aesthetics and good taste.

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Learning Content: Integrate creative and imaginative thoughts in activities. Trace an image

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Learning Content: Alter thoughts in order to take good decisions

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The learner will have practical knowledge in painting materials, liquid colours

Learning Content: Use a painting brush. Manipulate objects and materials without difficulties

Learning Content: Mix colours to form other colours. Display a sense of aesthetics and love for creativity.

Learning Content: Describe their artwork. Discuss with others more confidently


The learner will have the knowledge in climatic change, the environment

Learning Content: Locate/use dustbins. Practice keeping the environment clean. Assemble waste. Identify recyclable waste

Learning Content: Select an appropriate dress code. Play at the right time/place. Practice a sense of love and care for the environment

Learning Content: Identify the dangers of pollution. Stay away from practices that cause pollution

Learning Content: Cultivate a sense of creativity and initiative


The learner will be able to do mimes, facial expressions

Learning Content: Build their love for occupations. Build small/fine motor skills

Learning Content: Display their moods via facial expressions. Perform non-verbal communication

Learning Content: Identify persons who are different and have special needs. Recognise persons with special needs


The learner will have practical competence in athletics, team sports , gymnastics

Learning Content: Explain the nature of discomfort in their system. Report in case of any discomfort in the body. Relate to different activities at home and in school. Volumteer to help at home and in school

Learning Content: Relate with peers and others harmoniously. Display a spirit of tolerance. Practice social and interpersonal communication skills. Accept defeat, differences and difficulties

Learning Content: Begin a body awareness process. Show love to those who are physically impaired. Build appropriate body movement and balance. Report dangerous play to the teacher


The learner will develop the knowledge in sense organs

Learning Content: Arrange their belongings. Sort items. Carry out tasks. Appraise beauty and aesthetics.

Learning Content: Distinguish tastes. Choose food appropriately. Consume medicines appropriately

Learning Content: Differentiate smell. Use toilets appropriately. Solve health and environmental problems.

Learning Content: Identify voice pitch. Modify behaviour. Speak softly/gently

Learning Content: React to an external stimulus. Modify behaviour. Interprete information


The learner will develop the knowledge in handwork, pratice sessions

Learning Content: Identify materials in their environment that can be used for handwork. Follow good environmental rules

Learning Content: Produce a design of their choice. Mould different objects. Decorate items


The learner will develop the knowledge in subjects such as astronomy, natural phenomena, construction

Learning Content: Describe day and night. Plan personal activities. Wear appropriate clothes

Learning Content: Identify different gravitational forces. Display a sense of ambition for the sciences. Interpret scientific notions and dispel myths. Display talent

Learning Content: Use water and powdered substance to form paste. Perform experiments. Show love for science

Learning Content: Recognise environmental danger and natural disasters. Defend oneself from danger. Cry for help in front of danger. Display emotions in front of disaster/danger

Learning Content: Show interest in technology and engineering. Integrate a spirit of observation

Learning Content: Identify plumbing materials and tools. Show love for natural, found and recycled materials. Show interest in technology and engineering. Integrate a spirit of observation

Learning Content: Locate sources of light. Use sources of light responsibly. Stay away from dangerous sources of light

Learning Content: Detect appliances that use electricity. Boot a computer. Turn the lights on and off. Change TV/Radio channels. Ask for help from adults to use electrical appliances

Learning Content: Recognise the dangers of the wrong use of electricy and electrical appliances. Ask for help from adults to use electrical appliances